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Oct 05 2016
by Natalie Evans

Month One Is Done

By Natalie Evans - Oct 05 2016

Woohoo! We, freshman, made it through the first month of college! We got lost looking for our classes even with looking at a map. Some of us either showed a little humility and asked for help, while others pushed through the hardship and found their way...almost 20 minutes late. We held up at the lines in the dining hall because there are literally hundreds of options, and who knew they made custom quesadillas? I sure didn't! We made friends in our morning classes, different friends in our night classes, and a few just to carry us through the days in general. We spent our nights staying up late eating pizza at the mercy of whatever horrible movie was on Lifetime. We joined 10 different clubs... for a day. Then we ended up only committing to like two of them... for now, at least. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty productive month. 

But aside from the typical "freshman" things that we all do (no point in hiding it), let's talk about what people don't really mention. 

We all dropped a tear (or two) for our lovable pets that we left at home. We secretly hoped our parents called first to check on us, rather than us calling them, so that it looked like we were handling the change okay. We automatically compare all our professors to our favorite teachers and try not to limit how many times we mention high school in class. We miss our favorite spots to eat back home, all our friends, and even the simple things like driving down a familiar street and not having to use your GPS for everything!

All of those things aside, one would assume that by now, we are able to stand on our own two feet here at Hofstra...right?  I'm the type of person who won't isn't satisfied until they know where every building is, directions to get to them, and a fun fact. The fun fact may be dramatic, but this is a big campus and at times, it can seem a little intimidating. I honestly still feel like I'm doing everything the hard way: walking to class the long way, and over-paying for everything. I mean, really, is there a trick with the scale or no? 

I feel like there's a part of me, of most people, that aspires to be all knowing. If that sounds too condescending, then think of it this way: like a big brother or sister. That older sibling who went to the same school as you, graduated before you, and always knew a helpful tip or had some good advice. For example, I'd like to know what classes to take that have the cheapest textbooks, what professors have a laid-back attendance policy, or even the professors who we probably shouldn't take at all. Even beyond academics, someone who can tell you who throws the best parties, what fraternities or sororities you might want to stay away from, or show you which clubs are less snooty and more relatable. 

Basically, I want a cheat sheet. Give me all the answers so I can skip the whole trial and error phase. Realistically, that's not plausible, but it is a comforting thought to know that I will become that all knowing student, or maybe I'll meet one. Until then, I'm holding on until November, and hopefully, by then, I'll have a more to tell, and less to daydream about.

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