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Sep 19 2016
by Brittany McGowan

10 Times I Felt The Pride

By Brittany McGowan - Sep 19 2016

I'm now on my third week of college. Everything is buzzing since HofDebate16 is a week from today. News stations are starting to roll in, I'll be getting my volunteer assignment soon, and everyone is excited about one thing: the once-in-a-lifetime chance to participate in the Presidential Debate. The bit event brings us together. No matter how we stand politically, socially, or economically, it's still so amazing to be a part of it all. It made me realize that Hofstra is brought together and unified through so many different events, interests, and more.

1. When I first went on a tour.

Hofstra was the second school I visited, but it was the first school I visited that I applied to. I remember the Pride Guides bringing the group around spewing general facts, and yet their enthusiasm kept me hooked. They were so happy to share their college home with future classmates. 

2. My UpClose visit.

Essentially, an UpClose visit is just a shadowing day. I had shadowed at my top school at the time the day before my visit at Hofstra, and the tour at the other school was really disappointing. At Hofstra, I actually felt welcome. I toured the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, where I learned some pretty cool things that they never mentioned on the tour. I ate lunch with a student, and she made me feel like we were friends for years. I sat in on a Writing for TV class, and the class was doing group work, and one group pulled me in and talked to me like I was there the entire semester. 

3. High School Student Press Day.

My high school participated in High School Student Press Day, and I just remember wearing my Hofstra tee-shirt that I got for the UpClose visit, showing my friends around campus (because by this time I'd visited campus 4 times), and for whatever reason, even though I wasn't really doing anything college related, I felt proud to show off my potential future home. I also found out later that day that I got accepted. 

4. Admitted Students Day.

If I wasn't sure about Hofstra yet, this day solidified it. I sat in on an informational meeting about my major (Video/Television & Film) and there were things said about the program that I didn't know about, and these things were what I was waiting for. These tiny little things solidified my decision, and the professor that convinced me I now have to Introductory Film Production. I also got to splurge at the bookstore now that I made up my mind. 

5. Orientation.

Specifically, the last day of Orientation when I made my schedule. I finally started to feel like an actual student who was actually a part of the Hofstra Pride. 

6. My interview at WRHU.

I interviewed at WRHU this past July. I was told that 300-something people apply each semester, and only 150 or so are chosen to interview, and then only 40-50 are chosen to actually train. I became a part of the 40-50 that got the opportunity to train this semester. WRHU is award-winning, and one of the prides of Hofstra. It's such an honor to be a part of it.

7. When I got accepted as a HofDebate16 Volunteer.

As a freshman in the School of Comm, this is a huge deal for me. I can put this on my resume. I can be a part of one of the biggest events in Hofstra's history. I came during such an important time for the university. 

8. When I got cast in Thursday Nite Live.

TNL is a sketch comedy show on the HEAT Network. It's been running for 15 years, and it's probably the most competitive show as far as auditions. I wanted to join TNL since my first tour when I learned about it. Now, I'm a part of the cast for the year. Not only will this help my major and experience, but I also get to have fun around like-minded, funny, talented people. 

9. When I began my Fresh U Hofstra Chapter.

I have the support of Dean Oppenheim of the Comm School, and the advisory of Professor Fletcher of the Journalism department. I'm backed by the Career Center, as well, and they're giving out flyers for the chapter. I am a freshman taking charge of a new organization on campus, and that's pretty awesome. The fact that I'm even allowed to start a club as a freshman is amazing. It's such a privilege. 

10. Every. Single. Day.

Hofstra is full of proud people. Everyone is allowed to be 100% them. I'm surrounded by a giant family and supported by the thousands of alumni. There's such an incredible network here, and such a positive vibe, I now cannot imagine going anywhere else. So many people wear Hofstra merch because they're proud of this school, who they are, who they've become, and what they're doing. It makes me smile each time I see someone wearing merch because it reminds me that I chose the best college for me. And I'm proud to be a part of the Pride. 

Lead Image Credit: Hofstra Admission

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Brittany McGowan - Hofstra University

Brittany is a freshman, chapter founder and Editor-In-Chief of Fresh U Hofstra University. She majors in Film/Television Production and minors in Journalism. She is a multi-instrumentalist, actress, notorious doodler, and space enthusiast. Check out her site at britmusic1.wix.com/brittanymcgowan.

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